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Radical secularists have undermined the premise of the Founders to the detriment of our nation and its people. It’s time to fight back. Reclaiming the Republic will show you how.

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No one knows the intersection of theory and practice better than Bob Marshall, who has fought at that crossroads in a singularly courageous political career. He has not flinched in speaking the forbidden truths publicly and often, yet he has survived to fight another day. Reclaiming the Republic speaks in the language of moral principle and political street smarts on behalf of the highest things. —Robert R. Reilly, Chairman, the Committee for Western Civilization

Reclaiming the Republic puts to rest the modern claim that I, as a former cooperating attorney for the ACLU once believed: that religion has no place in the political life of the nation. Bob Marshall dispels such secular nonsense, reminding us that our nation was founded on the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.” Bob begins by uncovering the legal principles revealed in nature and the Holy Scriptures before unveiling his practical wisdom about the terms, strategies, and tactics that win elections and establish public policy. Too often good people win elections and then wonder what to do next. Bob’s answer is “no matter the level of civic involvement…this book will convince you of the imperative for action and provide a blueprint to guide you in your efforts to reshape the culture to uphold the laws of Nature’s God. —Herbert Titus, Founding Dean, School of Law, Regent University (1986-93)

Though there is no official “ruling class” in the United States, there is plenty of evidence that America’s cultural elites do, in fact, think that the rest of us are either too dumb, racist, self-centered, homophobic, xenophobic, or devoted to our respective faith traditions to be trusted with the actual levers of power. Robert “Delegate Bob” Marshall’s book is written for “the rest of us.” —From the Foreword by Professor Robert A. Destro

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